Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here I stand, continued...

Photo of Jillian provided by Jillian Bullock

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Jillian Bullock continued the interview.

She offered advice, “If a person wants to get their life together and transform from a Victim to a Victor it takes courage to face the mistakes you’ve made and take responsibility for your actions. This is definitely difficult to do, but it’s the first step to begin the process of healing. Next, they must get help from someone who can offer professional advice, a therapist, a pastor, an outreach organization, like AA or NA, if necessary. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Then, the really hard work begins.

They must work toward transforming negative and self-destructive habits, behaviors, and attitudes into productive, positive and loving ones; stay away from people, places and things that can trigger unwanted thoughts and undesirable behavior or action. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people, not naysayers and those who try to tear you down or break your spirit.”

Today Jillian is working on obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology.

You can contact her through her website Jillian Bullock Enterprises –

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