Sunday, February 14, 2016

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If you haven't noticed I have taken an overdue and needed break from my column the last couple of months and I felt today would be a great day to get back on the writing wagon. Valentine Day is both a curse and a blessing, when it is good, it is really good, but when it is bad, it is horribly lonely. I am blessed to share my world with my husband and kids but I too have suffered the hardship of Valentine Ghosts of the past; it isn't easy.

When I thought about an article tonight, I wondered what would be a good message, advice for all of the broken hearts of the world and considering this, I believe the best advice to give a broken heart is to feel it. Does it sound like tough love to you? I know it comes across harsh but as a practicing clinical mental health counselor, the client I am most worried about is the one that comes into my office without feeling. This kind of client has little memory of the past, is numb in the present and really cannot understand what is wrong with his or her life but most of all this individual is not feeling joy either. We are human beings and we are in a feeling experience here on earth, if not, we are cheating ourselves out of growth opportunities; the silver linings of heartache and the bliss of joyful occasions too.

If you do not love your life, work to first love yourself first, and this YOU includes both good and bad feelings. We all have them. Give yourself permission to bereave whatever YOU, you think you're supposed to be and instead love the you that you are in this very moment! Celebrate this you; I'm sure you are worth the celebration!

Happy Valentine Day my dear friend!