Friday, January 1, 2016

3 Tips For Successful Achievement of New Year Resolutions

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Before we can move forward and make new paths for healthier futures, it is always important to look back; not in the sense of feeling stuck but in realizing where we came from.

2015 was big for me. I finished my Master's Degree and became a Limited License Professional Counselor through the state of Michigan, landed a job as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, got married and we purchased a small vacation home in the U.P of Michigan where my youngest son will be living while he is finishing his degree at Michigan Technological University. It is the first year in many where I feel like I can say, although I put a lot of hard work into it, it was pretty great.

In writing my article tonight, I thought about my work as a therapist and what I believe is fundamental to the success of changing habits; it is really tough so any tips I think can help!

I believe we have to show up mind, body and spirit and many times when we fail we only show up in one of these areas, which causes a misalignment, and eventually guilt; we are left in a state of confusion. What I mean by mind, body and spirit is we have to be fully committed to what we are trying to change. We need to lean on our faith (fuel hope), use our intellect to recognize triggers and work through them and increase our self-care to be able to rely physically on our body in order to persevere. If we just want to make the change but we're not ready to put forth the work, the comfort of the old routine or craving will quickly override any desire for change.

It helps if we rally support by talking to others about it, and/or working with a partner or friend who is reaching for the same goal.

My 2016 resolutions are:

To become more physically fit/tone through exercise and healthier eating. To become more spiritually connected through mindfulness and to become more intellectually fit by increasing my study habits. I would like to pass the state exam, have a full-time client based and intertwine mindfulness into my everyday routine.

What are your resolutions? Tell me and we'll work toward each of ours together!

Good luck and God speed!