Saturday, September 5, 2015

You’ve made it, now what? Continued...

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So, I do believe I am an overachiever. I continue to reach and reach higher and higher as I move through my life. Although, sincerely, I am quite humble. I’ve never said, “Okay, I’ve made it, now what?” I actually do realize that making it is purely a thing that happens just in the moment and although it may take much effort to achieve, it is a only a moment of time in the end. I am not taking away from the process of gratitude and appreciation for an accomplishment. Processing where we’ve came from and today’s arrival is worthwhile and celebration honors this milestone.

For example, I have just achieved a Master’s of Art Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and for this I am grateful. It was a lot of hard work and it took time but as I sit here today with my degree I realize my work in the counseling field is just beginning. I can breathe a little easier with my new credential but I certainly cannot give up; I must reach to the next bar. This means finding a counseling job so I can officially start my counseling career. But, the key here is that I have to intertwine my life with joy and this joy must be present in some way at all stages of my journey. This happens by making sure we're doing things that we’re passionate about. For example, I am intrigued by psychology; things relating to our brains, emotions and behaviors and everything else in between. What does this mean? Even though it was a lot of work to achieve my Master’s Degree, I enjoyed learning about the field. I also enjoyed going through the process with my cohort; I was blessed with wonderful classmates and we’ve created a network we can lean on moving forward. This is the kind of stuff that gifts bliss along the way.

I like the article topic I wrote about today. It is important to realize that we are all in the process of “making it” regardless of where we are individually in our journey of life. Success is fluid and fundamentally we can build upon it time and time again as we evolve. If you recognize this, you’ll find a way to continually strive for a better you and, of course, appreciate all that you are in the present moment too!

Let’s celebrate your latest accomplishment. Tell be about it so I can honor your hard work with you!  

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