Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Unplug and renew, continued...

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If you’ve followed my Examiner column in the past you may have noticed that many of my articles would show up in your inbox in the wee morning hours. The Examiner recently changed its article submission process, which now includes a review therefore you do not see the real time post like you used to in the recent past. Timing is based on the release of the article by the Examiner now.
I must admit that some of my best work (writing) is created in the late night hours, and just like the plumber with leaky pipes, I am working to unplug from technology much like the rest of you!

This does not devalue technology. I really appreciate everything that is at my fingertips but I am also grateful for a good night’s sleep. And, if too much of one is negatively affecting the other than an alignment is necessary. Just like I stated in the article, balance needs to be achieved for a healthier life.

I am able to set my phone down before I go to bed and leave it alone. Anyone who is in my immediate circle knows my home phone number and therefore if there is an emergency they are able to call my home. I do not have an urge to check out my social media stream in the wee morning hours but, when I can’t sleep, I do like to surf the net or write. When I do this I try to leave my bedroom so I’m not distracting my significant other from sleeping.

As far as a bedtime routine, I do like to sit in my massage chair as often as possible as a way to unwind and rid myself of stress prior to crawling under the bedcovers. Ideally, on rare occasions when I’m actually successful at embracing it in my routine, I love to meditate prior to bedtime. It prepares me for a celestial night’s sleep.

If I’m being conscientious about my sleep I’m hopefully cutting off my water and/or caffeine intake in the evening hours otherwise I’m interrupting my sleep several times to go to the bathroom or tossing and turning from caffeine.

This may seem basic but it has been helpful to me. Unplugging from technology is a way to mentally turn off the spinning wheel.

What are your thoughts about technology? Do you unplug at a certain hour? Let me know what works for you.

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