Saturday, September 5, 2015

Understand resistance, continued...

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I used to deny my resistant feelings and just push through the discomfort but today when something is nudging me from inside, I recognize it immediately and then I self-examine to better understand what is going on with me. I ask myself a lot of questions.

Is something triggering me that I need to work on? What I mean by this is that perhaps the resistant feeling is driven from unresolved past issues. For example, if I had a bad experience with someone and suddenly there is a person in my life who might remind me of something associated with this negative past episode, it isn’t a problem necessarily with the person but it is my unresolved past projecting into the present moment and trying to hold me back.

Another question I ponder is, "Am I resistant because of fear?" I can get anxious when I am pushing forward in unchartered territory in my life. When this is happening I have to work to enable my logical self to surface. Rational thinking can sort out misbeliefs or worst case scenario thinking and positive self-talk is something that helps me to get a handle on anxious situations.

Finally, sometimes my resistance is my intuitive self surfacing and trying to navigate me away from something that isn’t in my best interest. This is what I call celestial intervention and I truly appreciate this insight. It is important not to underestimate gut feelings so, in this case, this resistance is a good thing.

Can you share your feelings about resistance? How do you handle it? Let’s get a conversation going about it!

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