Saturday, September 26, 2015

To make a living or to make a life, continued...

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Today, I am making a living because I have started over in my career. This means I’ve stepped onto the right path but I must make great strides to move forward. This “making ends meet” place for me is temporary. I have a vision that is much greater than where I am at today. And, I am motivated to get there. I have the intent and, better yet, the talent to enable so much more than the status of where I am at today. Although, I am grateful for this space where I am visiting. It is all part of the process and these experiences that I am trudging through are very much necessary in order for me to grow. I see and feel worthy of a life that gifts not only to me but also to my community.

I want to leave a legacy that continues to support others when I am no longer physically here on this earth. At this point in my life I foresee my vision manifesting within the next decade. If you do not know me you may be wondering what my age is or how devoted I am to my cause or maybe you believe I am living with a pipedream but I assure you this is all very real. As I type this today I am 46 years of age, very dedicated and passionate about my life and I am fortunate to have my health, a wonderful support system and the talent and intelligence to create all that I envision. This is the wealth I see in my life today. My bank account may not be overflowing at this point in my life but my life is already abundant. I have the right mindset and feelings to energize all that is necessary for growth and I’m worthy of it. I believe this whole-heartily! What do you think, feel and believe about your life as it today? These are important questions, hopefully you’ll take them seriously! I believe you are worthy of more, what are your thoughts?

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