Friday, September 25, 2015

Overcome anxious situations, continued

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I am a serious fan of positive thought and the power of the mind. I have written many articles about the need to shift our energy from toxic negativity to a positive mindset because it lightens the burden and it does so much more. I was recently working in a domestic violence shelter and someone had talked about the use of focal points in order to help a survivor get through a dreaded day in court where her assailant would be present. This is what inspired my article. I wrote the article to offer another tool to your life self-help arsenal.

I remember being extremely nervous when I had to go on stage during my school graduation ceremony. I didn’t even have to speak but the auditorium was so full of people and the thought of all their eyes being on me really stressed me out. I was only up there for a few minutes in order for the president of the university to give me the top counseling student award and to say a few kind words about my work; the sight of my family in the audience was my focal point. Seeing them being supportive and feeling their love helped soothe my anxiety and it really did help me get through it.

Sometimes it isn’t so good to distract yourself from the present but when we’re trying to combat self-imposed trauma such as anxiety, focal point strategies can help!

What are your thoughts? What do you use for healthy coping tools? Drop me a note and let’s talk about it!

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