Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cultivate positivity in your life, continued...

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The blog post I referenced in my article,, discusses how the subconscious mind actually makes most of our decisions for us. Our conscious mind is really only the tip of the iceberg representing a small percentage of our full mind, 12% conscious and 88% subconscious (according to the blog). It also states that many times negative words are not recognized by the subconscious. For example, if you are trying to quit a bad habit like eating sweets, you might say, “I’m not going to eat sugar any longer,” but the subconscious doesn’t hear “not” and instead embraces the message, “I’m going to eat sugar,” and suddenly you are craving it. Instead of saying what you are not going to do, state your intention by what you are positively changing. You might instead say, “I’m going to eat healthy foods like fruit and vegetables to improve my health.” This sends a better message that your conscious and subconscious mind can fully embrace.

It is tough to replace negative thinking and negative words but the more we can practice this, the more positive we will become. It is really a work in progress like most anything we are trying to alter. It takes time. Remember, self-awareness is necessary first to determine what our reality actually reflects and then we must identify our triggers by determining what is causing us to be negative. It is possible to change this behavior. If we continue to tell ourselves we are worth the work, we will start to see our perspectives changing into glass half-full thinking instead of half-empty perspectives.

I used to be a person who worried and stressed a lot. I saw the world through unhappy, fearful eyes and this caused me a lot of hardship. Once I realized the power of my mind, I was able to control my thinking and essentially change my life. Today, positive thoughts rule my mind and this keeps me inspired and it motivates me to continue to push forward. I do have glimpses of negativity but when it happens I recognize it quickly and it is short-lived.

If you want a healthier life, start by changing your mindset. It is something you can control and this shift in thinking will manifest greatness beyond your wildest imagination!

Give it a chance and let me know how it works.

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