Saturday, September 26, 2015

To make a living or to make a life, continued...

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Today, I am making a living because I have started over in my career. This means I’ve stepped onto the right path but I must make great strides to move forward. This “making ends meet” place for me is temporary. I have a vision that is much greater than where I am at today. And, I am motivated to get there. I have the intent and, better yet, the talent to enable so much more than the status of where I am at today. Although, I am grateful for this space where I am visiting. It is all part of the process and these experiences that I am trudging through are very much necessary in order for me to grow. I see and feel worthy of a life that gifts not only to me but also to my community.

I want to leave a legacy that continues to support others when I am no longer physically here on this earth. At this point in my life I foresee my vision manifesting within the next decade. If you do not know me you may be wondering what my age is or how devoted I am to my cause or maybe you believe I am living with a pipedream but I assure you this is all very real. As I type this today I am 46 years of age, very dedicated and passionate about my life and I am fortunate to have my health, a wonderful support system and the talent and intelligence to create all that I envision. This is the wealth I see in my life today. My bank account may not be overflowing at this point in my life but my life is already abundant. I have the right mindset and feelings to energize all that is necessary for growth and I’m worthy of it. I believe this whole-heartily! What do you think, feel and believe about your life as it today? These are important questions, hopefully you’ll take them seriously! I believe you are worthy of more, what are your thoughts?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Overcome anxious situations, continued

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I am a serious fan of positive thought and the power of the mind. I have written many articles about the need to shift our energy from toxic negativity to a positive mindset because it lightens the burden and it does so much more. I was recently working in a domestic violence shelter and someone had talked about the use of focal points in order to help a survivor get through a dreaded day in court where her assailant would be present. This is what inspired my article. I wrote the article to offer another tool to your life self-help arsenal.

I remember being extremely nervous when I had to go on stage during my school graduation ceremony. I didn’t even have to speak but the auditorium was so full of people and the thought of all their eyes being on me really stressed me out. I was only up there for a few minutes in order for the president of the university to give me the top counseling student award and to say a few kind words about my work; the sight of my family in the audience was my focal point. Seeing them being supportive and feeling their love helped soothe my anxiety and it really did help me get through it.

Sometimes it isn’t so good to distract yourself from the present but when we’re trying to combat self-imposed trauma such as anxiety, focal point strategies can help!

What are your thoughts? What do you use for healthy coping tools? Drop me a note and let’s talk about it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are you imprisoned by unhappiness? continued...

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If you feel unhappy, and you look in the mirror and you see an unhappy person, you are unhappy. This is the reality of the present moment but it doesn’t mean it is your doom day. Yes, it may feel easier to be sad and depressed because it doesn’t take work but your lack of attention to a healthy life, your healthy life, is a toxic choice. Aren’t you worth the work?

It is time to take your finger off of the self-destruct button (a bit of Dr. Phil verbiage) and to choose to live instead of just dwelling in the sorrow.

If your life feels dark, turn on the light, physically by taking steps to oxygenate your body, mentally by engaging the mind into positive thought, and spiritually by sparking your faith, a faith in you that surfaces the survivor instead of the victim.

When I look in the mirror I see a hard working individual; someone who is strong and persevering. I see a survivor. Of course I also see a lot of areas of imperfection. This is because I am not perfect, neither are you. All we can do is strive to become better versions of ourselves but the key is, we must like ourselves along the way!

Whatever you hate about you, find a way to love it. Love all of you and as you learn to love you’ll find it easier to change the areas that can help you become a better version of you.

What are you trying to change? I am trying to tone my waistline. I would love to have less muffin-top and more muscle tone. I am a work in progress. I’m getting there. I lost 11 inches off of my body this summer with the Body Shred program. I’m getting there, are you? If not, I challenge you to change your mindset by positively energizing your world; it works!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Unplug and renew, continued...

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If you’ve followed my Examiner column in the past you may have noticed that many of my articles would show up in your inbox in the wee morning hours. The Examiner recently changed its article submission process, which now includes a review therefore you do not see the real time post like you used to in the recent past. Timing is based on the release of the article by the Examiner now.
I must admit that some of my best work (writing) is created in the late night hours, and just like the plumber with leaky pipes, I am working to unplug from technology much like the rest of you!

This does not devalue technology. I really appreciate everything that is at my fingertips but I am also grateful for a good night’s sleep. And, if too much of one is negatively affecting the other than an alignment is necessary. Just like I stated in the article, balance needs to be achieved for a healthier life.

I am able to set my phone down before I go to bed and leave it alone. Anyone who is in my immediate circle knows my home phone number and therefore if there is an emergency they are able to call my home. I do not have an urge to check out my social media stream in the wee morning hours but, when I can’t sleep, I do like to surf the net or write. When I do this I try to leave my bedroom so I’m not distracting my significant other from sleeping.

As far as a bedtime routine, I do like to sit in my massage chair as often as possible as a way to unwind and rid myself of stress prior to crawling under the bedcovers. Ideally, on rare occasions when I’m actually successful at embracing it in my routine, I love to meditate prior to bedtime. It prepares me for a celestial night’s sleep.

If I’m being conscientious about my sleep I’m hopefully cutting off my water and/or caffeine intake in the evening hours otherwise I’m interrupting my sleep several times to go to the bathroom or tossing and turning from caffeine.

This may seem basic but it has been helpful to me. Unplugging from technology is a way to mentally turn off the spinning wheel.

What are your thoughts about technology? Do you unplug at a certain hour? Let me know what works for you.

A space that honors you, continued...

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I like the quote I closed my article with about home existing in our hearts and it is a place where we love by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., that I found on I experienced this in my home I am currently living in today. It felt cozy and I loved this space when I was feeling full of life and hope. But, as my marriage fell apart, and the love dissipated in my home suddenly the walls became dull, the life of the space seeped out into the world and I was left feeling exhausted in a toxic space. The home I once loved felt so harsh and unwelcoming. As the life drained out of me, it drained out of my sacred space. I hated that I felt so uncomfortable there; my home turned into a house. It was a traumatic experience and it took some time before I was able to take back my space. I repainted, I used white sage in my home to clear the negativity, I rearranged and replaced the furniture and I implemented Feng shui. I spent time meditating, drawing, writing and finding my way back to a healthier me. As my spirit surfaced again, my home manifested. It is possible to clear a space and make it your own. You can do it through your heart. 

It might sound corny but there is truly a difference between living in a house or a home. My hope for all of you is that your space honors your wellbeing and it gives you a therapeutic hug each and every time you step into your home. I believe home is truly a space outside of your body that is the essence of you; it’s your heart space.

What are your thoughts?