Sunday, August 9, 2015

Put air in despair, continued...

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When we are in the midst of despair we have inadvertently imprisoned ourselves in a self-created hell. The walls that lock us in are intertwined with our own overwhelming feelings coated with murky thick emotions. It snowballs uncontrollably into a disastrous path of self-destruction; it is hard to believe we end up there and it seems unintentional but it truly is self-imposed. Again, like I said in the article, it doesn’t mean you are not suffering a hardship but this mindset, in itself, exasperates the problem.

Most of us have been there and it a pretty scary place to be. How do we get there? By being ambushed by life’s turmoil; through betrayal, loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, loss of health and other traumas that, unfortunately, are part of our world. I’ve been there but fortunately for me, I found an ember of hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation; it was burning deep within so the feelings of despair were short-lived. Although, the hardship that surrounded this experience was not short-lived, it took a long time to overcome. Pain is something we cannot always avoid when hardship is in our lives although we can sometimes minimize its wrath. I remember feeling despair when I gave up hope on my marriage; as I looked in my children’s eyes it crushed my spirit knowing I would be raising them in a broken home. But, I also knew raising them in an unhealthy home that was full of rage instead of love would be worse so I pushed forward. I was able to gather my courage and hope because of the love I have for my kids; it was greater than the hardship itself and it was my lifeline out. Yes, we’ve had some difficult times but we have survived. When I stepped forward as a survivor, I wasn’t being victimized by my situation or my fear any longer. My desperation was behind me.

It is easy for us to feed the energy of hardship and when we do, it gets the best of us. It takes work to step out of it, start telling yourself, “I've got this” and accept that you will survive any pain that manifests. Why, because you are no longer a victim, you have taken back your control as a survivor.

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