Monday, August 24, 2015

Overcome the mundane through exploration, continued...

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I remember as a child looking up to the sky and imagining the great vacations I would be going on as I gazed at the airplanes soaring across the skyline above me. We didn’t have the money to go on vacation when I was little and because of this it seemed to fuel my need for discovery. I told my mom I was going to travel the world and I must say, I’ve worked hard to keep this promise.

My first real trip I took was with a friend and I was 17 years old; we flew to Florida for 3 weeks. I had worked hard and saved for the trip and it was worth every penny. Since then I’ve taken 1 or 2 vacations a year via car, ship, and/or plane and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Tonight, I’m sitting in Savanna Georgia as I write this blog. We’re staying in the historic district downtown off the river and it is absolutely beautiful. From the trees, the cobblestone streets, the waterfront views, the local culture, food and shopping, to the history experienced in this area, all of it energizes my spirit. We flew into a stormy evening but even the rain didn’t damper this adventure. We walked around, enjoyed a tasty seafood dinner and then, to my surprise, we were in awe as we were able to witness a double rainbow that appeared above in the heavens. It was the end to a perfect evening and I caught as much as possible on film.

Whether we’re flying off somewhere or driving away in the care, I love to explore. It really is a way to invigorate your life.

Where is the last place you visited? Tell me about it, I might want to go!

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