Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Overcome cravings through impulse control, continued...

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I’m right here with you making attempts to live a healthier life. And, although I may fail a number of times, when I look at my life today, it is much healthier than the life I led 5 years ago so I’m trending in the right direction. And, my small successes are adding up and helping me! It is helpful to look at trends in your journey instead of day-by-day analysis; it is more compassionate and eyeopening this way.

WebMD.comadvice for developing impulse control, “You can improve self-control at any age, according to Marc N. Potenza, MD.
For kids: Practice, practice. Learning social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and letting others talk is not only polite, it's an exercise in impulse control. Starting this training early helps build this brain function and instills good habits.
For grown-ups: "Trying to foster good habits in people at an early age is helpful but it's never too late. People can change -- particularly if they are motivated to change," says Potenza. To fight temptation, try substituting a healthier immediate reward for the less desirable treat you crave. For example, put a dollar into a vacation fund every time you resist the urge to have a drink.
If tips don't do the trick, medications combined with cognitive behavior therapy can reduce compulsive behaviors, including gambling and substance abuse.”

Remember not to be to harsh on yourself during the change process; self-love enables positive change while bullying yourself only makes you feel worse.

The message here, you can develop impulse control and this is key to your persevering spirit actually manifesting positive change. Don’t give up!

What are you trying to change? Tell me about it.

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