Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Surprise yourself, continued...

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Earlier this summer I was surprised to find a bird’s nest in my hanging plant that I move often to the shade on my porch and back to the sun on a hanging rod next to my driveway. It seems these little birds thought it was good refuge although I was worried about them after I discovered it. It was rather mobile and flimsy although it worked out for them as temporary housing because later I found the nest empty with the exception of a broken empty eggshell in it.

This is the kind of surprise that is amazing to me; being in the sidelines of nature in process is pretty cool. I think the birds were Finches but I’m not 100% sure as I’m not an avid bird watcher.

It is interesting to me to see how people’s personalities shape the activities around them. For example, we were recently going to give my aunt a surprise birthday party but when my uncle was notified he advised against it. She really isn’t the kind of person who likes surprises although we certainly wanted to do this from our hearts as a kind gesture. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been perceived this way so we didn’t end up pursuing it. Later when she found out she vetoed the thought all togetherL

She is a kind person but for her the surprise might have been more of a stressor than a fun-loving celebration as intended.

In the article I go from talking about surprising others or being surprised by others to the ultimate surprise; this is when we surprise ourselves.

I like the thought of overcoming a lack of confidence when we perceive something to be beyond our reach but we push through it and achieve in spite of the adversity. This is so rewarding and surprising.

What are your thoughts about being surprised? Is it something you like? Leave me a note about it.

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