Saturday, July 11, 2015

Magnetic powers, continued...

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I’m offering detail about the power of magnets in my article but as I stated, this market for healing is not really supported by scientific data. Considering this, why are so many people buying into this potential cure?

It is a really interesting topic and there is a lot of on-line research much of it talking about how this forum was used even thousands of years ago. Does this mean it works? No, not really but it means we’ve been working with magnets for a very long time and for some reason, they are still being used as a holistic healing option. From the links I referenced in the article, especially WebMD, it discusses natural magnetic fields generated by the body such as the nervous system. From a basic perspective, if someone is having issues with their body’s magnetic field, perhaps exposing this individual to another magnetic field, one used in a medical forum might offer relief? Can one speculate that it could alter the body’s field in a positive way? I am far from being a scientist, this is all very much over my head but there are specialists in the world and I’m hopeful further research will link healing abilities with magnetic fields.

I do believe in the power of mind and perhaps those who offer testimonies of magnet healing truly believe this but could it have been their mind that overpowered their illness instead of the work of the magnetic fields? I also posed this question in the article.

Who knows really? But, I know this for sure, if the use of a magnet were to make me feel better, I would continue to use this magnet!

What are your thoughts about this potential healing source? Have you ever tried to use a magnet to ease your suffering? Did it work? Leave me a note.

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