Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life's equilibrium, continued...

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My equilibrium article was inspired by recent news story about the Moth Story Slam detailed on Detroit’s Channel 4 news. This Moth Story Slam is sweeping the nation. It is where individuals go on stage to share 5-minute true stories from their lives; it is theme based. The forum allows these individuals to be heard. Stories may be funny, sad, upbeat and so on. On the update broadcasted, I heard a guy talking about his challenge for to balance his life equilibrium and this resonated with me.

It seems like I am always chasing a mind, body and spiritual balance. Most of the time I have one that I’m trending to align. Currently I’m working on my physical body; I’ve shared about 1 month ago that I started the Body Shred program. What I like about this is that it works on physical balance, but this also gifts some spiritual balance; I’m experiencing the yin-yang process I talked about in the article. Of course, this is challenging me because I feel like I’m dying a slow death each morning as my body hurdles awkwardly through the workout but in the aftermath, spiritually and psychologically, I feel pretty awesome.

I’m prompting a change for a healthier body so, as my article points out, both halves of this change are chasing each other but as long as I continue on my path, I will better myself and the halves will come together charging the vibration or rhythm of my life equilibrium.

What yin-yangs are you going through in your life currently? Are you able to grasps both sides of the whole? Tell me about it.

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