Sunday, July 26, 2015

Conflict is natural, continued...

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I used to think of conflict as drama but as I’ve grown older I realize that society has influenced this perspective. If I ran from conflict, I would be exhausted. As the article states, it is a natural part of life, why, because we are all individuals. I really believe this to be a good thing. When I think of my relationship with my fiancĂ© for example, while he and I have similar ideals and dreams, our strategies for getting there are very different. I love this about us. We are both good people with good intentions and we’re both creative and intelligent but most anytime we are problem-solving, we’re looking at it from different angles. It is pretty cool. A relationship is made of two individuals and it is when these individuals lose themselves within the relationship, identities get lost and when this happens relationships turn to the worst. When we can embrace our individual selves and allow the relationship to complement each of us, it thrives within positive light.

Yes, I am not denying that conflict can be bad, when charged negatively; it is destructive. Differences can turn into arguments, which turn into fights and fights turn into revenge and on a big scale, this can turn into war. But it isn’t the word itself that creates such havoc, it is the energy given to it that either lights the world or darkens it.

Talk to me about the conflict in your life, can you see its light? Share with me.

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