Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Your shadow self, continued...

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I truly believe if our present moment isn’t fully embraced by our genuine selves, we are not living to our full potential and this can cause future problems. If we’re not present we are unable to feel the experience, we are unable to follow our spiritual intuitive path or choose the best choice for us and because of this we may end up living with regret or shame as a backlash to such choices and behaviors.

The older wiser version of self today can be very hard and critical on the younger you but the bottom line is that you didn’t know then what we know now and this makes a big difference.

This younger version of self is stuck within. Suddenly, you may recognize a faulty pattern but you do not understand why you are in this dysfunction.

The younger self is trying to find his or her way out but it is difficult without the conscious self’s help. You might have bizarre dreams symbolic of what is suppressed within the subconscious mind, you might have uncontrollable moods swings or you may not understand why we are just, overall, unhappy. This is when you need to surface your past self, hug him or her and honor that these choices have and continue to shape you; you must accept this shadow part of self in order to let it go.

Do you have a shadow you are trying to forget? If so, googleshadow work on self and you’ll find a flurry of information to help you step into the present moment to gain clarity and insight.

It is interesting and life changing stuff. What are your thoughts?

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