Monday, June 29, 2015

Say it out loud, continued...

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I was co-facilitating a recent group therapy session when another facilitator talked about the difficulty for clients to “say their story out loud” because it seems to bring it to life all over again. But, the reality of it is, bringing something to life that has been suppressed is actually a good thing and this life in the story will only be short-lived. We all need to tell our story in order to fully understand and accept it. It offers growth.

Once you can talk about it, of course, then you must work with a therapist to process the experience; whatever it is that you've tried to disown or ignore. What does this mean? Just as the counselor helped clean the slate to soothe the pain of sharing the burden, he or she will help dig beneath the experience, at its core in order to feel and free its hold. This is hard work because it now involves you processing and questioning the feelings manifested surrounding the experience. It is an emotional process but once the you have bonded with the counselor, a safe place in this relationship is established and this helps to enable you to tap into and own your vulnerability.

If you have a trusted friend or loved one you can also lean on this support to do the work. But, if you feel your world is at a loss currently, it is important to reach out for professional help.

You can move beyond your past or whatever is draining you in the present, with support, to embrace a healthier you in the here and now. I am 100% sure of this!

I may sound like a broken record here as I spew about the benefits of mindful living and a good support system but I so believe in this stuff. What about you?

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