Thursday, June 4, 2015

Power of synchronicity, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo- Laughlin, NV, a synchronistic destination I stumbled on while traveling on the West side of Michigan; it was on the sign at their little airport as we drove by. The vacation we later there was beautiful.

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When I think of synchronicity and how powerful this is it reminds me of an experience I had on a trip with my boyfriend. We initially had to reschedule this birthday get away that I had planned for him until after my father had passed; we were actually on our way to this destination and we turned around after I received a call that my dad had a massage heart attack. A couple months, after he passed, we went on a this needed break. While we were exploring Goderich, Canada, I stumbled on this salon where we had a couple’s massage. As I checked out I saw this little hand written note pinned to the wall behind the receptionist; it had a psychic’s name on it. When I inquired about the name, the receptionist said she was not familiar with the woman and she had never actually noticed the note but she checked with another employee found the phone number and called to see if this psychic was available. We were able to get a reading that evening.

We drove over to the address we were given; it was a nice home overlooking the lake and as we sat at her kitchen table, the sun was setting. It was beautiful. The psychic was to my left and my fiancé was to my right. Across the table from me was an empty chair and there was a large window where we had front row seats for the sunset. We paid for 1 hour for the two of us. The women, who read us was kind and soft-spoken; she seemed sincere.

For most of the hour she explained a great deal about how the universe worked and while this information was in line with what my fiancĂ© was curious about, all I cared about was the hope of my father coming through and the information she shared made me feel irritated. While the two of them carried on a conversation, I could actually see, in my mind’s eye, my father sitting across the table from me. I kept thinking, “Come on dad, interrupt her!” And, he just sat there and smiled. A couple minutes before the hour was up, my finance turned to me and asked if I had any questions. I told him it was too late that our time was basically up.

This is when the magic started, at least it is the way I sensed it.

The psychic asked me if my father has passed and I nodded yes. She asked if it was recent and, I told her just a couple of months ago. She then proceeded to share so much detail about him/from him, I went into the ugly cry; my tears were uncontrollable. My boyfriend hadn’t seen me like this before not even during the funeral. Whether you are a believer or not in psychics, this evening was life changing for me.

I received all of the validations and assurances I needed to convince me that my father had crossed over and was now part of the spirit world and he was still around me. This was pivotal to my bereavement process. 

Synchronicity was a play in this experience. I wished I would have taken a picture of the little note I noticed on the wall, it was barely noticeable; had I not chosen this spa and seen it, I would not have received this validation. It helped shift my energy from sorrow to a much place of light.

What are your thoughts on synchronicity? Do you believe in it? Share your experience with me; I would love to read about it.

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