Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just enough, continued...

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It seems like we all start out striving to get everything and this process in itself is exhausting. The more we get the more we have to manage and it seems like the more we want. It isn’t until we start to embrace spirituality do we realize the value of simplicity and the blessing in having just enough. And, when abundance comes knocking at our door, we have to remember that this gift must be shared in a pay it forward perspective. 

My message in the article is that the energy connected with gratitude, which seeds appreciation, is what really makes the world go around, it nurtures abundance.

It is an invaluable garden that is part of all of our lives; all we have to do is realize this. And, when our vision is skewed by a focus on nothing we will never be fed from this garden.

It is necessary to see the intangibles in life instead of the tangible stuff. It is all just stuff!

Growing up in a poor environment and then striving to make good money, a 6-figure salary, eventually taught me that there is a greater value then that which money gifts. When we share our God-given talents with the world, which energizes the greater good, we are creating from our passion; fundamentally it all stems from love.

I really do believe the power of love is priceless and it is within every human being regardless of material wellbeing.

If you are worrying about the lack of having something, start recognizing how you have survived; how you have managed with what you actually have. It is critical you shift your energy for this will gift growth in your world as apposed to scarceness.

Does this resonate with you? Leave me a note and let me know your thoughts, I’m curious.

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