Thursday, June 18, 2015

Doodling habit, continued...

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I love to doodle so when I took my Expressive Art Classes last year and stumbled on this validating research stating that doodling is actually a positive activity to have in our lives it gifted me joy. If you are a businessperson, like me, think about attending a meeting where the presenter actually passes out his or her written material before the meeting starts and then encourages the attendees to doodle their way through the material while being present. I know, for sure, I would be much more enticed to stay awake and, according to the research, I would actually retain more of the presented material by doodling.

Anytime I see someone working the margins of his or her paper, it gifts me bliss. I highly encourage doodling and I love to look at the individual’s work of art once the meeting or session is finished. What does it say? Is it modern art, a border, mini-drawings or word art? Does it look balanced or is it lop-sided? Does it feel like it’s floating or is it heavy?

All of these questions really do tie into the emotional expression of the artist, which that is part of any kind of art we create. Creation is a way to process and express.

It is definitely something that I will keep in my life-learning tool bag.

Are you a doodler? Leave me a note or perhaps share some of your doodles wit me.

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