Friday, June 12, 2015

Appealing to my palate, continued...

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I recently went to Las Vegas for a week and even though what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there I inadvertently brought 3 pounds back with me. Keep in mind that this adds to the 6 pounds I have maintained from a cruise I went on over the 2015 New Year.

At this point, considering the above detail, I felt I needed to embrace drastic measures.

So, as I said in the article I started a bit of a detox by removing meat from my diet just for 1 week. I realize the importance of protein so I made sure I was still getting plenty of it in other forms.

I also started doing Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred DVD program.

It has been 1 week and I am extremely sore from the 30-minute daily workout and I am happy to say I am 3.5 pounds lighter. I’m hopeful that the 2-month program will tone my body as I am in drastic need of this and at the same time my eating habits will improve significantly while I continue to drop pounds.

It seems the busier I get, the less healthy I become. As my schedule picks up I start to lose my health routine. This is a weak point for me that I have to improve upon. I believe I can get back in shape and I know what I have to do to make this happen. The work sucks but I believe it is feasible and I can do it.

What is most discouraging to me is the upkeep; I have to figure out how to properly maintain the hard work I put into myself instead of being on the weight gain/weight loss roller coaster I seem to be riding.

How do I get off of this ride permanently?

I believe the solution is for me to find things that are healthier and that I actually like, which is why I wrote the article on taste buds. If I actually like some no-meat meals, I can more easily create a routine that includes them.

It’s the same with exercise. I do not like to workout and as long as I look at exercise as a negative, I am self-sabotaging my efforts. As I continue to search for healthier foods, I’ll continue to try new activities and, hopefully I’ll find something I really enjoy so the upkeep doesn’t feel like torture.

How are you managing a healthy life? Share your success with me!

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