Monday, June 15, 2015

A neurocounselor, continued...

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I believe the brain is the most fascinating and mysterious organ in the human body. Yes, science has come a long way but we have so much more to learn. I just started my last class in my Mental Health Counseling Master’s program and it is a neuroscience class. I love learning about the brain. A couple of semesters ago I actually purchased a model of the brain so I can better understand and also educate my clients about what actually happens, physically in the brain, when an individual is suffering mental illness.

We’ve all heard many times how our own minds can make or break us; neuro-science is proving this concept. Negativity and/or lack of healthy engagement on an on-going basis can breakdown function in the brain and cause deficits. But what is more amazing to me is that the power of positive interface can combat this breakdown and heal such damage.

I think the old days of writing people off because of emotional distress is going to be a thing of the past: statements such as, “She’s a drama queen” or “it’s all in her head, she’s faking it,” is going to be proven otherwise. Doctors can now take images of the brain and see areas of concern. Neglect shows up in underdeveloped regions and things like depression can be identified by the lack of certain chemicals in the brain. Videos of a person’s brain can actually depict what is functional and what is suffering illness and medicine along with psychological intervention can target the dysfunction in hopes to rehabilitate it by creating new neuro-paths, which results in altered behaviors and health.

I’m in awe of the complexity of the brain and the mystery of it all as the field unfolds more discoveries. I’m curious and excited to learn as much as possible. It is quite eye-opening to me.

What are your thoughts about neuro-science and counseling? Do you believe it is beneficial to blend the fields?

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