Sunday, May 10, 2015

The best gift for mom, continued...

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For most mothers, I believe it is rare for them to spend much time in the spotlight, we usually are happy to step back into the shadows to enable a loved one to take in a moment and feel blessed. When our children stumble we are quick to lend a hand to help them up; sometimes we do this time and time again. As mothers we are full of hope for our kids, inspired about the potential we see within each of them. It is really a miraculous journey to birth a human being and nurture this little person into a contributing, warm-hearted adult; there is nothing to compare to this experience!

I mentioned in the article that I believe most mothers are really grateful to get time with their children, especially adult children. I once interviewed my mom for this column and I learned a lot about her; it was a fun experience for me and she shined in the spotlight. She absolutely loved my curiosity and interest about her life. Another project I did with my  mom was pull all of her photo albums out to scan them and make photo albums for my siblings. My mom absolutely loved talking about the old photos; she lit up!

I challenge you to learn something new about your mom while you still can; you may think you know everything about her but you don’t. Enjoy the task and take note in how this interest shifts her energy.

We are blessed by the nurturers in our life; let’s show them our love!

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