Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tap into your fluidness, continued...

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The more I learn about the human body and the similarities it shares with the world or essentially nature, the more I am in awe with this.

Connections between earth and human body processes - uniformitarianism and homeostasis

William Size, Emory University (United States)

“The inorganic physiology of earth compares in many ways to that of the human body - they are both complex, adaptive, system of systems, operating at various scales and levels of performance. When corresponding processes are alike in their structure or function they are homologous or archetypes. Displaying these generic similarities and attributes provides a clearer picture of natural processes and human health without the divisive, derived entanglements that increasingly isolated disciplines have produced. This process or system science approach to learning resonates with students. For example, the weathering process in rocks and the aging process in humans are basically homologous. Processes such as exfoliation, oxidation, and erosion describe both. The process of biogeochemical (re)cycling, including exchange rates, residence time, and chemical sinks relate just as easily to human processes of digestion and respiration as to plate tectonics, volcanism, and climate change. Human metabolism has many analogs with earth energy budgets and conversion. Earth's immune system is one of resilience and, just as in humans, it can resist change, become sick, or suffer irreversible catastrophe. Earth has a respiratory system and humans have weather patterns and climate controls. Earth has a nervous system and humans have stress patterns and earthquakes. Earth has blood vessels, lungs, liver, and kidneys and humans have stream networks, neural networks, climates, and swamps. One purpose for this investigation is to format an electronic guidebook in such a way as to allow students to actively participate in the branching and interweaving of systems.”

I know this reading is a bit complex but the message is really pretty cool at least to me.

I think there is such a strong connection between the body and nature that it would be crazy not to acknowledge this. For example, I am suffering a headache today and I believe this is partly in response to allergies and the storms that are rolling through my area. Barometric pressure most definitely impacts me.

What are your thoughts about the human body and whether it shares connections with the earth? Is it significant to you? Let’s talk about it!

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