Monday, May 11, 2015

Psychodynamics, continued...

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To me the concept of intuition makes perfect sense; 6-sense intuitive feelings are essentially the sum of our experiences (both physically and spiritually perhaps over many lifetimes) and the wisdom this experience offers. We are empowered by tapping into the greater collective universal whole and the gateway to this celestial force is in the core of self. When we are balanced and in tune spiritually we gain clarity beyond rational cognitive thinking.

I love the quote shared in the article describing intuition, “…conscious insights, subconscious memories and senses converge to bring forward a conclusive insight…”

The same article that I quoted from started the intuition explanation by sharing this insight about animals, “There was a popular news story in 2007 about a cat who lived in a nursing home and consistently jumped on a patient’s bed within a couple of hours of the person’s death.  Dogs often alert their owners before a health crisis occurs, like a heart attack or stroke.

It appears that animals have some kind of heightened sixth sense to subtle changes in the environment and to the people around them. They are tuned in to changes in smell and vibratory shifts. It’s clear that some animals can sense human emotion and respond to it.”

The point is, for animals, it’s natural to them; part of their instinct. They do not have the rational cognitive thought developed in order to second-guess such feelings.

I’ve shared previously that I believe we become more intuitive as we get older and I think this is because as we mature, we get more comfortable in our skin and less impacted by nonsense. 

This is a very interesting topic to me. I hope to study it more thoroughly in the future. Are you an intuitive person? Leave me feedback; I’m interested.

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