Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Positive health trend, continued...

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I must say that I’ve been through a lot in my 40 something years of existence but financial distress tops the list of hardship. Loss of job, embracing a path of an entrepreneur and the costs associated with this has been overwhelming. It is really difficult when it feels like our financial worlds are crumbling around us. Like most any trauma, our rational minds seem to shutdown and the outlook becomes very grim; at least this is the way it feels.

But, the truth is we can gain control of our financial wellbeing and our success in this area will positively impact our success in our physical health efforts as well. Balance overflows in a good way.

Like any behavioral change, it starts with a realization for the need to change and then motivation to implement a new discipline. We must take action in our present moments by opting for healthier choices. This may mean questioning our real need to spend money during each and every purchase decision and instead of spending, we must save whenever possible. It feels very fulfilling to pay down debt and gain control back. I have a handle on my financials these days and I’m hopeful this positive vibe will also help shape my physical body in a good way as well.  

What are your thoughts about financial health? Does it impact you physically? Do you believe these two realms are connected?

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