Monday, May 11, 2015

Nurturing spirit, continued...

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It doesn’t seem so long ago when my soon to be 19 year old and 21 year old sons were holding on tight to my hands as we ventured into the world; a world that I worked diligently to protect them from. Perhaps I was a helicopter mom and hovered too much but it was what I felt I had to do to keep them safe. As they got older they would tell you that I didn’t let them do anything by themselves!

I must admit it has been a struggle to let them grow up and feel their way into the world.

I love Deepak’s words I shared in the article, “The entire spiritual path could be described as learning to let go, but letting go all at once isn’t possible. This is a path of many small steps, a process of replacing automatic reactions with deepened awareness...  Allow Spirit to lead.”

This “learning to let go” process is scary and humbling; it is a big part of motherhood and a big part of life in general. Deepak wasn’t talking about motherhood in his article; he was offering ways to surrender to change that is out of one’s control. The message resonates when you have adult children.

Awareness seems to be the key to most any trouble, without gaining a perspective of what is actually going on, how can we fix it. The bottom line is if we can’t fix something that is out of our control to fix then we must fix our perspective otherwise the stress will be toxic to our health. Many of us get stuck here and it isn’t a pleasant place to be stuck!

Are you struggling with something that is beyond your power to control? Let’s talk about it.

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