Saturday, May 2, 2015

Misfortune is opportunity, continued...

Photo of Prince Daniels Jr. by Marilen Tran

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Prince Daniels Jr. continued the interview.

His advice to others suffering,

1. “Take time to diagnose the problem, but not too long. Meditate. Be mindful of yourself and what you do as a person. Once you learn yourself, you are more mindful as to how you treat others. Eventually you will see yourself within him or her.

2. Talk to yourself and put together a plan of action. Close your eyes (meditate) and really focus on what you would like to see for yourself. Believe that your dreams can and will come true!

3. Start working towards your vision. If you don’t know how, hint: use your imagination. Albert Einstein mentioned it.”

His closing words, “We the people of today’s society are so concerned about what is happening to us externally that we negate the malfunction of our internal affairs and problems. We all live on this ONE planet called Earth and we have to be able to co-exist and help one another evolve. We have stopped communicating with one another based upon perception of differences. We must ask ourselves what is it that we are doing to collectively contribute to normalizing this worldly chaos?

I can’t urge people more to meditate. Meditating helps us in so many ways. Closing your eyes is cost efficient, meaning it won’t cost you anything to close yours eyes and adore your mind, thoughts and your heart."

You can click on this link to purchase a copy of Prince’s book, Danny Yukon and the secrets of the Amazing Lamp. He also recommends a worthwhile read, As A man Thinketh, As a Woman Thinketh.

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