Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life in full swing, continued...

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It does seem like the world comes to life as the calendar turns to Spring each year. Invitations flow as we come together to celebrate births, weddings, graduations and much, much, more. Of course I do understand that it is necessary to balance our schedules so we can enjoy some downtime but socializing is a beautiful thing and it is a form of replenishment all in itself.   

I’ve shared in the past that I’m an introvert person but even considering this, I enjoy supporting others in celebration of whatever their festive occasions might be in the moment.

I think the key is to achieve balance in our schedules. We all have to have some downtime along with some time to fuel our passion, whatever this may be. I was overwhelmed this winter with overlapping work, intern, school and home responsibilities and now that my internship is over, I am feeling more whole again; I’m still volunteering at my site but I do not feel like I’m juggling so much any more and this offers relief.

The spring has gifted not only good weather and energy but a break as well. I will have 2 weeks between my spring and summer semesters and this is greatly welcomed. I’m heading out West for a few days of leisure and exploration; I’m pretty excited about the trip. I am passionate about travel and I love exploration and finding photo opts in places I haven’t been before. Whether I’m exploring a new part of Michigan or flying off in the sunset, it is all pretty exciting!

I am blessed to have a warm circle of loved ones around me and many opportunities to explore my passion and balance my responsibilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities, seek help and offset some of the stress by sprinkling in some excitement (however you define this in your life). If you do not, you’ll get burned out and your health will be sacrificed. You are worthy of bliss so strategize your life in order to manifest as much joy as possible!

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