Monday, May 18, 2015

In the now, continued...

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I have had many friends who were single and did not understand why there were but from the outside looking in, it was easy to see; these wonderful individuals really were not happy with themselves. It doesn’t mean these were not smart and heartfelt women, of course they were; it just means that they needed to see and believe in themselves as much as what the people in their circle of love saw and believed in them. We saw the beauty of what they were instead of what they were not; this is what they needed to learn how to embrace. We can all look at another person and say, “Boy I wish I had her waistline or …”. I’ll let you fill in the blank here.

But, what about our own attributes; I can tell you my waistline has expanded significantly since my early adult life but I’m not letting this taint my everyday world. I’m grateful for my body even in the condition it is in today (I’m at my biggest currently). Even though my weight is up I am still positive my body is healthier today because of all of the healthy trends I’ve implemented over the past several years. Yes, I’ve still have a lot of work to go, more change to implement, but my psyche is still positive regardless. I love myself for all I have accomplished, for what I bring to the table today, and for all that I will yet accomplish; I am a confident person and this energy is genuine and in my aura.

I think when we get caught up focusing on what we do not have we are robbing ourselves from the pleasures of our current everyday lives. Of course there isn’t anything wrong with striving to do better and have more but there is a cost to this if we’re not in a healthy mindset when we are attempting to manifest our needs and/or desires.

If you’re looking for a good self-help book, check out Sydney Bank’s Enlightened Gardner. It is a fiction, quick read that is quite empowering. I’ll repeat the quote I inserted in the article because it is worthy of a repeat. In his words, “Living in the now is seeing what is instead of what isn’t. And what isn’t is created from living in the memories of the past and contaminating the now.”

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