Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Emotional safety planning, continued...

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If you have a kind heart and your full of love for others, it is critical you feel this love for yourself as well. This is a really hard concept for many people but is it essential in order for you to find balance.

I’ve shared many times in the past that I believe we create our worlds from the inside out. If we’re unhappy and toxin is in our core, we’re emulating this negative energy and this vibration is magnifying the darkness. It is a horrible place to be but the good news is, we have the power to shift our psyche and make a positive change.

Emotional safety planning enables you to strategize ways to help you feel better during the times when you start feeling hard on yourself. Basically you are creating a go-to list to help you lift your spirit.

It is okay to feel sad, this is part of life but it is not okay to hate yourself. It is necessary for you to work on self-love. Love is truly the answer to most everything. If you want to manifest a brighter world, start with self-love. It offers a firm foundation to build upon!

What do you do when you’re feeling down? I like to do something creative.

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