Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hope for our graduates, continued...

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My fiancĂ©s’ daughter graduated today and as I said in the article my eyes welled up as I took in all of the bliss. These graduates all held their heads high, they wore big smiles and emanated energy of inspiration; it really is a beautiful thing to experience.

Between my fiancĂ© and I, we have 4 young adults, 18, 19, 20 & 21 years of age. It is surreal to see these kids grow into individuals who now all tower me in height. I love their individuality and seeing how each of them explore and figure out what feels right to them.  I love how smart and creative they are and I love, most of all, when I see their kindness shine through; it makes me feel most proud.

Yes, I’m aware that applying all of our heart into our endeavors can be vulnerable and scary but I think it is worth the gamble. I am all about heart!

What do you think is the best advice you got when you graduated? It’s funny, I really do not remember being the recipient of any words of wisdom. I’m sure I was but I wasn’t really present to hear them and therefore I didn’t retain the information.

My wish for the graduates today is to fully experience the present moment of everyday life; take as much of it in as possible because the evolution is truly a beautiful journey!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Positive health trend, continued...

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I must say that I’ve been through a lot in my 40 something years of existence but financial distress tops the list of hardship. Loss of job, embracing a path of an entrepreneur and the costs associated with this has been overwhelming. It is really difficult when it feels like our financial worlds are crumbling around us. Like most any trauma, our rational minds seem to shutdown and the outlook becomes very grim; at least this is the way it feels.

But, the truth is we can gain control of our financial wellbeing and our success in this area will positively impact our success in our physical health efforts as well. Balance overflows in a good way.

Like any behavioral change, it starts with a realization for the need to change and then motivation to implement a new discipline. We must take action in our present moments by opting for healthier choices. This may mean questioning our real need to spend money during each and every purchase decision and instead of spending, we must save whenever possible. It feels very fulfilling to pay down debt and gain control back. I have a handle on my financials these days and I’m hopeful this positive vibe will also help shape my physical body in a good way as well.  

What are your thoughts about financial health? Does it impact you physically? Do you believe these two realms are connected?

Emotional safety planning, continued...

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If you have a kind heart and your full of love for others, it is critical you feel this love for yourself as well. This is a really hard concept for many people but is it essential in order for you to find balance.

I’ve shared many times in the past that I believe we create our worlds from the inside out. If we’re unhappy and toxin is in our core, we’re emulating this negative energy and this vibration is magnifying the darkness. It is a horrible place to be but the good news is, we have the power to shift our psyche and make a positive change.

Emotional safety planning enables you to strategize ways to help you feel better during the times when you start feeling hard on yourself. Basically you are creating a go-to list to help you lift your spirit.

It is okay to feel sad, this is part of life but it is not okay to hate yourself. It is necessary for you to work on self-love. Love is truly the answer to most everything. If you want to manifest a brighter world, start with self-love. It offers a firm foundation to build upon!

What do you do when you’re feeling down? I like to do something creative.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thinking about problems, continued...

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I like how Leroy Hood states, “…you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems.” Of course I do not know anyone who likes to have problems but denying they exist only adds to and prolongs the drama. I realize that life is full of challenge but I also appreciate that every time I persevere such challenge, I gain from the experience. I do not go out looking for issues but when they find me, I try to deal with them head on in order to minimize the impact.

I agree with Leroy Hood’s quote, it is really how we look at challenge and how confident we are in ourselves to handle these concerns; it’s fundamental to taking ownership and overcoming.

We also have to be careful we do not sabotage ourselves by manifesting problems because the situation is presenting itself without issues and this makes us uncomfortable. It’s okay to move forward cautiously but if we go through life thinking this is “to good to be true” we are cheating ourselves from fully appreciating the present moment. We must feel worthy for all that life has to offer in order to continue to manifest more of this bliss.

I wish you a beautiful and problem free Memorial Day but if challenge does present itself, perhaps by addressing it head on it will be short lived!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life in full swing, continued...

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It does seem like the world comes to life as the calendar turns to Spring each year. Invitations flow as we come together to celebrate births, weddings, graduations and much, much, more. Of course I do understand that it is necessary to balance our schedules so we can enjoy some downtime but socializing is a beautiful thing and it is a form of replenishment all in itself.   

I’ve shared in the past that I’m an introvert person but even considering this, I enjoy supporting others in celebration of whatever their festive occasions might be in the moment.

I think the key is to achieve balance in our schedules. We all have to have some downtime along with some time to fuel our passion, whatever this may be. I was overwhelmed this winter with overlapping work, intern, school and home responsibilities and now that my internship is over, I am feeling more whole again; I’m still volunteering at my site but I do not feel like I’m juggling so much any more and this offers relief.

The spring has gifted not only good weather and energy but a break as well. I will have 2 weeks between my spring and summer semesters and this is greatly welcomed. I’m heading out West for a few days of leisure and exploration; I’m pretty excited about the trip. I am passionate about travel and I love exploration and finding photo opts in places I haven’t been before. Whether I’m exploring a new part of Michigan or flying off in the sunset, it is all pretty exciting!

I am blessed to have a warm circle of loved ones around me and many opportunities to explore my passion and balance my responsibilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities, seek help and offset some of the stress by sprinkling in some excitement (however you define this in your life). If you do not, you’ll get burned out and your health will be sacrificed. You are worthy of bliss so strategize your life in order to manifest as much joy as possible!