Thursday, April 16, 2015

True self, continued...

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It really does make a difference whether we like who we are beneath all of the stuff; this core package of self. This is the message I’m trying to deliver in my article. I must admit I struggled in putting this piece together so I’m hopeful it carries the weight intended. It is really an important topic.

I work with many women who feel they have detached and lost their true self; not really knowing who they are, and/or who what this person should be. If someone doesn’t understand the importance of self as this relates to her world how can anything in this existence positively flow when there isn’t any firm foundation?

I struggled with the concept of self as a teenager and in my early adult life. I was always chasing something because of this misalignment within; much of what I did didn’t feel right. I was unhappy and ashamed of my past choices and, considering this, at that time I was unable to accept whom I really was because this darkness (my past) was part of me; it was layered within me.

Until I was able to uncover and accept this darkness within and philosophically hug this mislead teenager inside understanding my past has shaped who I am today, I was not able to embrace and live the potential of my true self. Once I realized that I can never turn back time for a “do-over” to make the wrong I did right and that holding this regret was only causing further pain, I was able forgive and love my self to set positive thought and action in motion. This shift manifested a life reflective of all that is me, a life I’m proud of and I accept whole-heartily today!

Where are you in the process of understanding and accepting self? Let’s talk about your journey and where it has led you thus far? I’m interested.

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