Monday, April 6, 2015

To feel life, continued...

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Sometimes I think we believe we are on a journey attempting to accomplish something but in actuality we’re running in circles and getting nowhere fast. The solution for these types of scenarios is really an essence of “being in the moment”. But before we can attempt to be in the moment we need to gain self-awareness that we’re actually stuck. How can we gain this awareness? First, we must be accountable for our decisions, behaviors and actions instead of pointing our fingers elsewhere by blaming others. If we’re accountable we can recognize that we’ve put ourselves wherever we are and because of this we have the power to remove ourselves and begin again as Sart so elegantly said in my article.

I used the word surrender in my article because I truly believe when we feel the world is against us, we must fully surrender to this feeling. Just by accepting our circumstance in the moment, we can shift our energy and strategize for change. Instead of pushing again a brick wall suddenly this shift enables us to find a window, push it open and move through it. This has been my biggest lesson so far and it continues to shape shift its way into my life so I can fully “get it”.

I started the article by asking if you feel your life and all that it involves, I’m curious about this are you?

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