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I had to write a reflection paper recently on Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, below is an insert from my paper about synergy:

“In those quiet moments in life, which I believe are sacred, I am able to see beyond the inner workings of my life, regardless of what I am going through, to remind myself that my life is a small but important part of a larger whole. As an individual I can make significant change but by rallying my energy with the energies of others this synergy is much more profound and powerful. I am embracing this concept as I learn more and interface in the counseling world. My network is growing and strengthening and this collective energy is creating a momentum that is beginning to open doors and enable me to reach farther and grow.  Synergy is a pretty spectacular concept.”
I consider myself an introverted person; I enjoy time with self. But, I equally enjoy the work of a team. I loved the collective energy my purchasing team used to fuel; we were unstoppable and very strong as a group; the bond was pretty great. Individually we each offered something special but as a whole it felt like we could persevere through anything the organization could throw at us.

The more synergies we can create in our lives the better; we are empowered by these circles and, at the same time, we power them. It is a beautiful give and take process!

What synergies are you fueling? Drop me a note and let’s discuss it!

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