Thursday, April 30, 2015

Honor today's space, continued...

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I have always been an overachiever in my life. I learned from my childhood that actions speak louder than words and somehow I attached worth to these actions. This set my life bar to an extraordinary level. As I embraced adulthood, I didn’t have any time for the ordinary.

A life that is full of achievement must be balanced by some normalcy (whatever this means to the individual). For me, it meant downtime. I needed time to breathe and space to just be in the moment although I didn’t know the criticalness of this "ordinary space" to my wellbeing at the time.

A lack of this ultimately caused me to sacrifice my health and eventually since I didn’t sit still for any length of time, the universe forced a shift upon me.

If you follow my column you know I had lost my father and my job a few months later and this caused me, involuntarily/unwillingly, to find the present giftwrapped in the ordinary. It was during these times of nothing that I found so much of something; the treasures that were dormant and found deep within me. This space enabled me to see the big picture of my life more clearly.

I was able to gain clarity of my soul-work and step onto a path to recovery.

Today, I see God in all aspects of my life. I have gained an appreciation for the ordinary and, I know for sure, this balances the achievements, which I still strive for but in a more realistic way.

How does the ordinary sit with you? Leave me a comment, I’m curious.

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