Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday remembrance, continued...

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I have come to believe that anyone who leads life honoring a higher power benefits from this major shift in spirit. For me, Good Friday is a great reminder of this. There is something empowering about an intangible faith that is fueled from light that burns within. It is mysterious and very real to me.

In the counseling world we realize the power of faith and how it energizes an installation of hope. Without hope life is not worth living. Without hope the view of life is drained; it’s painful and dark. Without hope we just give up.

When we are able to fuel the spirit in our lives we are able to overcome. Faith gifts perseverance. For me, faith feels like the breath of God; we can’t see it but when recognized and felt intuitively, its presence is celestial and uplifting. 

This is all crucial to healthy living and an underlying gift/reminder connected to Good Friday. Hopefully my article was not too religious for you but perhaps it gently nudged you to find a way to honor whoever or whatever ignites the light that burns within you.

Today, I not only honor this higher power but I also pay remembrance to GabeVaccaro, whom I mention in the article. I am grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to know him; his was a vibrant man whose memory will live on within the hearts of all who know him. I was honored to have been able to interview him in my Examiner column. If you’d like to learn a bit about Gabe, click here.

May you all have a blessed holiday weekend and a happy Easter!

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