Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Feelings pyramid, continued...

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Wrapandrecoverybooks.com's article instructions for a Feelings Pyramid continued,

Use a blank piece of white scrapbook paper

I turn on my instrumental or nature sounds music

In the center I draw a large pyramid I then try to identify the feelings I am experiencing that are most intense. The most intense is at the bottom and by the time I work my way up the pyramid I usually find that I am dealing with 5-6 emotions at the same time.

I then get out my bold markers and start coloring in the pyramid and allowing myself to really ‘feel’ that emotion and by the time I fill the space I can then release that emotion. I continue to work my way through each of the emotions allowing myself to feel and release each one.

After I have filled the pyramid, in the white space around the pyramid I draw Wellness Tools that I can use to start to heal. I use mostly simple drawings made with fine markers or sometimes pictures from old magazines or photos and fill my page with Wellness Tools. As I begin to take control of my life again by drawing choices I can take it is not uncommon for me to use a green or blue marker to interconnect the different Wellness Tools so that I can begin to feel their interconnection.

I will usually spend about one-one and a half to two hours allowing myself to honor and release these very intense feelings.

Wellness Tools I choose at these times vary: Whether it is having a cup of herbal tea as I write a letter to my daughter I lost (I have two boxes full of them), writing a poem or story, calling a supporter, calling the pastor who runs our grief group, leaving the house to have comfort food or soup, or just going for a walk through the Five Senses Garden with my husband I end up feeling more connected afterwards and less anxiety about the next steps towards reclaiming my wellness.”

When we’re feeling down we need to jump into this trench surrender to the feelings and work through them. We must decide enough is enough and take control by processing our feelings and then make an effort to express them as healthy as possible. Creative expression such as that offered through the Feelings Pyramid is a way to do this.

To be human is to feel. We have to face our emotions in order to process them. But, we also have to dive into them to understand the source of our feelings. This self-awareness can keep us from self-sabotaging our efforts. Remember your mind triggers your emotions; positive thinking can help you to gain control of your feelings. This doesn’t mean you will not be presented with sorrow but it does mean your outlook, during any hardship, will shine light into the darkness; positive thinking shifts the energy by honoring the space and by minimizes the negative impact!    

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