Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bunny facts, continued

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While I was thinking about my Easter article this year I was inspired by a kid-friendly version, which I’ve not written about yet. Past articles have included historical and religious views and/or events happening locally but not whole-hearted facts about our fury friends. I’m hopeful my piece may have taught you something about rabbits; I learned a lot. For example, I cannot fathom a bunny running 30-40 miles per hour; pretty crazy fact!

As an adult, initially without researching rabbits, the most common fact that came to mind is how fertile rabbits are, the article references that a female bunny can have up to 8 litters per year, I’ve had 2 kids; I can’t imagine 8 litters annually, yikes!

Today, I do not have any little ones to enjoy egg hunts or coloring with but, considering the weather in Southeastern Michigan tomorrow, rainy and cold, I think I’m okay passing on the outside festivities. I must admit though, I really do miss the excitement on the kid’s faces when they open their Easter baskets; it’s precious!

I hope you will enjoy some family time and a break from work and other responsibilities. Please remember to give thanks for all of the pleasantries in your life; God bless you and Happy Easter!

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