Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A flower that opens, continued...

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Since I’ve been writing and posting articles (a couple each week) for the past several years, I am now using Google to make sure if I’ve written about the topic in the past, I am coming from a different perspective or offering more support detail or, hopefully, it is a new topic. While searching through my articles on transformation and/or blossoms I stumbled on the below insert which I’ve previously written and posted:

“Breathe in the bouquet of delicate scents that linger in the air in your world and allow these tantalizing smells to entice your curiosity. Surrender to your intuition and let this guide you through your adventurous journey. Live to feed your mind, body and spirit with nature recipes that gift grounding and renewal.”

I like this paragraph because it has a lot of feeling to it. If we are feeling our surroundings and using our senses, we are grounding ourselves in the present moment. This is powerful.

Stepping into nature helps with this. This is why I utilized the blossoming flower symbolically in my article.

I’m curious, does nature help you find balance? Leave me a comment and let’s discuss this further.

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