Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unhealthy behavior pattern, continued

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When we are trying to make a behavioral change and we mess up, we must view our relapse as a blip on the radar instead of a life-altering event.

For example, tonight, I think I went for the chocolate cake because I wanted to further procrastinate the pain of gathering and rolling up my business taxes; it was an “in the moment” pleasure of diversion. But, realistically this doesn’t mean my healthy eating efforts have totally went to the wayside. Instead I need to figure out a healthier way to embrace my responsibilities especially the ones I’m not particularly fond of handling.

In counseling we would strategize around triggers to recognize weaknesses and make plans that can help us overcome relapse.  So, when we fail to meet our initial game plan we have back up plans ready.

Knowing I am likely to divert with sugary treats perhaps I can make sure these are not readily available at my house and instead a better strategy for me might be to motivate myself with a treat, maybe a healthier option like frozen yogurt, by setting up a reward for getting through my tax work instead of diverting my efforts in a short-term fix. Treats do not sabotage if we’re eating them in moderation!

I am getting better at being nice to myself when I get off track and this compassion is helping me to get back at it more quickly.

The weather and additionally sunlight that Spring gifts is going to add to my motivation and build the momentum of positive change in my life.

What are your thoughts about behavioral change? Are you kind to yourself when you relapse? I curious.

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