Monday, March 30, 2015

Stretch, continued...

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I think many of us actually complicate our lives with a mindset that basic or simple concepts are too good to be true; over looking little things like a good stretch and the fact that it is so beneficial both mentally and physically.

I love when Deepak and Oprah come together to offer a space where we can take twenty minutes a day to go within, embrace stillness and absorb a calming positive message. Have you tried any of their meditations? I believe it is a worthwhile experience to try so if you haven’t, why not give the meditation a shot? You still have a week or so before this one ends and it is free so stretch your mind and embrace the opportunity.

I’m always running behind in the series, for example, I think they are on day 12 or 13 of the event while I’m am on day 9. They will keep the mediation up, per day, for five days in order to give people like me (late comers) more time for the experience. Many times I find myself falling to sleep during the first go around and if this happens I just re-do that day’s meditation if possible later on or the next day.

Like I said in the article, I am going to make an effort to incorporate more physical stretching in my life. I’m pretty good at the mental stretch but not so much physically anymore.

Leave me your thoughts; do you actively stretch physically and/or mentally? What does the process do for you?

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