Sunday, March 15, 2015

Parallel existence, continued...

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Every once in a while I get on a tangent about something and I tend to bring it forward in a strange way, the parallels article link to this post is reflective of this scenario. Strange as it may seem, I really hope I was able to get my message across. I believe that we live in two worlds simultaneously; we exist spiritually and physically and these realms most certainly parallel each other.

I also believe if we find and engage or fuel our passions physically we are also positively nurturing our spirits; this, for me, is reflective in my world of creativity. Although my projects are physical, they engage me spiritually and help me embrace the parallels of both of these worlds.

I think this concept may be difficult for someone who doesn’t believe in that which cannot be seen but if an individual is able trust what he or she feels, and follow a faith of some sort, a higher power, then it does all make sense.

In my article, I linked to a subtle version of this article that I had written long ago (along the same lines) and it offers ways to help one realm positively impact the other.  Click here to take a look!

I’m curious of your thoughts about all of this, do you think I’m crazy or am I onto something here? If you’re reading this, drop me a note and let’s get a dialogue going!

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