Monday, March 9, 2015

List your strengths, continued...

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Okay, I did make a list of my strengths and my weaknesses, which I’ve included below:

Positives of me:

   1.     I’m a survivor  
   2.     I have a persevering spirit
   3.     I’m kind
   4.     I’m a good person
   5.     I am motivated
   6.     I can handle anything that is thrown at me.
   7.     I have a “can do” attitude
   8.     I am creative
   9.     I am spiritual
   10.  I learn from my mistakes
   11.  I am passionate about life
   12.  I am smart
   13.  I am genuine
   14.  I am happy with my Life
   15.  I am a good mother
   16.  I am a good partner
   17.  I am a good daughter
   18.  I am business savvy
   19.  I am getting healthier
   20.  I appreciate my sense of humor 
   21.  I’m a helper
   22.  I am a strong woman
   23.  I am compassionate
   24.  I love that I think differently than others
   25.  I am talented in the creative world
   26.  I love being forty-something
   27.  I’m conscientious
   28.  I’m proud of my work ethic
   29.  I’m ethical
   30.  I’m a good mentor

My weaknesses:
   1.     I’m overweight; I need to lose weight.
   2.     I’m tired a lot; I need to be more physically active.
   3.     I’m shy; I need to overcome my public speaking anxieties.
   4.     I sometimes care too much, I can be over-controlling.
   5.     I’m an overachiever; I lack balance at times.

I had more difficulty listing weaknesses than I did in listing my strengths. I do not believe I am narcissistic because I care a lot about others but I do truly believe in my core that I can take care of myself, I love myself and I love my life. Because I have self-love, I am better able to serve others. Yes, of course I have faults but I am always trying to learn from my mistakes and as I get older I am learning how to be true to my purpose. I am proud of my accomplishments and I am happy to be physically part of the world.

All of what I listed, I want you to be able to list plus many more of the positives. You, my friend, are priceless and I’m hopeful you realize this!

Good self-esteem will enable you to move forward in your life by leaps and bounds!

Do you have good self-esteem? If so, what do you think was a big contribution to you developing your self-esteem? Do you think our thoughts make a difference? Give me some feedback, I’m curious. 

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