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Client mindset, continued...

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I’ve said this before but I really do believe it to be true; anyone who goes to therapy is courageous. It is an intrusive process because the counselor must ask personal questions in order to understand the client’s beliefs, experiences, perceptions and overall his or her worldview. We have to be able to step into his or her world and poke around as gently as possible in order to gain an understanding. It seems like the premise of a good counselor/client relationship would be the basis of authenticity, a heart to heart connection. Being non-judgmental and unconditionally there with the intent to support the client through a self-discovery process that encourages positive change.

After reviewing the variables involved in the Systematic Treatment of Counseling I think it would be difficult to counsel someone who is in the first stage of change, pre-contemplation, not really feeling they need therapy; there maybe because he or she is court ordered to be in therapy. Considering this situation I would probably assume the person’s resistant level is high; he or she is fighting the process of healing because if the premise is that a problem doesn’t exist then there isn’t anything that needs to be addressed or fixed at least in the client's mind.

I can’t wait to be fully credentialed and in a practice where I can reach out and help people but it will be tough to interface with those who are struggling in life and do not have a desire to help themselves to get better.

For me this article is insightful because it talks about a foundational partnership for counseling success. The counselor must be good but also the client must be willing and ready to embrace the work needed to surface positive change.

Do you have any experience with therapy? If so, I’m curious if it was good or bad and what you think may have been contributing factors to your results. Leave me a note!

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