Saturday, March 14, 2015

Catastrophizing, continued...

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I love the quote I closed with in the article. I have learned through practice and by challenging my core beliefs through rational thinking to “unlearn” the negative catastrophizing mindset that I unintentionally took on from such a young age. Keep in mind this impacted me physically at an young age; I had a nervous stomach in my early elementary school years but I was embarrassed to share this healthy issue. I used to spoon the Kaopectate daily like it was a vitamin to address diarrhea I suffered. My worrying coping mechanism was self-sabotaging; I was later diagnosed with Ulcerous Colitis as a young adult.

Today, I have come along way in my healing process as I said I had to unlearn this modeled behavior and reframe my thoughts in order to rationally weigh risks instead of hexing the unknown with a worst-case scenario. I use the work “hex” because I believe in the power of thinking, and my negative thoughts were powerfully energized with my emotions, this manifested much of what I had feared.

Of course I do still worry but when I started going down this unhealthy path I recognize it pretty quickly and then I channel the energy into a positive coping mechanism instead. I’ve shared before, I have learned to turn anxious energy into curiosity; anxiety is harmful but curios energy is a positive. 

What have you carried unintentionally from your childhood? If it is impacting you negatively, it is time to reveal the toxin and let it go. If you do the work, you’ll free yourself from the hardship!

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