Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bullied by the scale, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo from the Dr. Oz show

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For me, starting the year off on a cruise has gifted me extra pounds that I am still carrying with me. My schedule has changed dramatically because I am in the heart of my internship and adding these additional hours to a busy schedule already has caused me to burn the candle at both ends. Needless to say, this has meant eating on the run with unhealthier choices, less sleep and less time to go to the gym. Of course this scenario is not manifesting more energy so I’m left feeling drained and this is not a good recipe for health.

I am not beating myself up for this but I do realize, it’s time for a healthier change!

Like I said in the article, I like the options offered on the Dr. Oz show because it gives us choices and a bit of flexibility.

Eventually, I would like to have all of the options implemented into my diet but I know this isn’t realistic to embrace all at once. What I have also learned is that we all need to build in a break into our diets, so If I’m choosing healthier choices 5 days a week, it is okay to gift myself a weekend off. I might fall off the wagon for 2 days but the fall is minimal compared to my old unhealthy choices.

What has been working for you? Are you stepping into Spring healthier than you stepped into the winter or are you like me and carrying more weight?

Remember, we are all work in progress. It’s not worth stressing ourselves over this stuff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because the chemicals released in our bodies by stress will cause us to hold onto to weight. The message in the article is that it is necessary to let go of scale anxiety because it is causing the whole weight loss/weigh in process to work against you!

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