Friday, February 6, 2015

Wabi sabi, continued...

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What are the messy parts in your life? Do you even admit that you have any? I believe that most of our lives are messy although this condition is not something we value, but instead it is something we fight. How do you think it would feel to release the weight of this battle from your psyche? Do you think your world would fall apart without your worrying-self central to it or maybe the messiness, in this new "embracing" mindset, would begin to bond the broken pieces together and things would better flow and fit together.

I happen to believe in the latter thought.

There is something to a natural flaw. I’ve said before, to be human is to be flawed and the flaws we reflect are naturally beautiful. They make us unique.

I’m hoping that you too can start to appreciate the story of an experience and how this experience is reflective in not only people but in all that surrounds us. Perhaps, this article will give you a reason to sit for a moment and to take a break. Consider all that you do and all that impacts you and choose to exert your energy wisely. It is a really precious commodity!

What are your thoughts about Wabi Sabi? Is it a new concept to you like it is to me?

Drop me a note and let’s talk about it. For me, Wabi Sabi is going to be a new affirmation I will repeat when I feel the pull of perfection in my world!

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